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we get to the new year, it’s time to talk about palettes trend in 2022.

The large paint and wall paint companies are unleashing their best 5 for the year to come and today I too will talk to you about what will happen in terms of interior trends in 2022.

You know well that in one year and another there is never a sudden stop for a restart with another style or color that is completely breaking with respect to the past. Trends, on the other hand, tend to consolidate and become real recurring moods or furnishing styles.

Aesthetic taste in interior design has a slow process, it is not a fashion show, so it needs to mature and develop at the right time. After all, building a house is a slow process, it is not just a question of painting a wall, but of creating a real architecture to be experienced.

Although large companies often talk about shocking colors, a little to make people talk about themselves, a little to break the neutral trends that are always in vogue, (almost) no one likes the disco atmosphere of the 70s. Many prefer a more luxurious and modern touch instead.

Comfort is the top priority when it comes to home decor. We want to surround ourselves with cozy and enveloping pieces to help us relax and create a cozy home look.

So let’s see what will be the trends for the 2022 color palettes.

Trend 1: Elegant contemporary

AC Spatial Design

This color palette combines the warmth of wood with a simple and modern mood, giving this palette a rich and sophisticated look, in which everything is in its place. The furniture base is minimal contemporary, with custom-made furnishings and medium / dark textiles. The wow touch is given by the unusual and feminine touch of cream and black.

The furniture is sturdy and comfortable, with curves (eg a table) that break lines that are too rigid or static.

This is a very interesting strategy when you want to guarantee a very simple furnishing base and amaze with an element that is almost completely out of context. In fact, it is not out of context and manages to interestingly complement a most likely mundane design.

Trend 2: calming

Photo courtesy of Poliform

Neutral is the absolute protagonist of this palette that makes the material its strong point.

The desire for tactile experiences is reflected in the design, with the use of natural fibers and materials, such as raw wood, deconstructed linen, and dried plants or flowers.

This palette shines like a reassuring backdrop and refreshes any space. The touch of indigo blue breaks up the warm total look and creates a subtle but surprising shade.

The trend towards a constant balance between hot and cold allows us to embrace growth, move towards a new vision and discover our world.

Instead of blue, it is also possible to use olive green, the color of 2022.

Trend 3: mINDFUL luxe

Photo courtesy of Molteni

Perhaps this look is the most “loved by Italians”. The use of elegant patterns such as marble, combined with metals and parquet manages to spread a sense of sophistication that few other combinations guarantee.

More classic or more modern, it always remains elegant.

The palette is discreetly flat, to support and highlight the unique strength and class that only the grain of marble possesses.

This palette evokes a warm nostalgia and unwavering optimism as we fondly remember the past and look to the possibility of the future by mixing old and new. The walls are almost always neutral, without color peaks, indeed, white is the great protagonist of the design, together with the perfect butter tone when there are different frames or boiserie.

You will love it if your mood is feminine and luxurious while remaining in simplicity, that is, without pomp.

Trend 4: dramatic SOFT

Image courtesy of Hanna Trickett

This palette sees the use of black, greys and dark colors for the furnishings and rather lighter greys for the floor, and accessories. It is a sort of industrial look in which the use of color greatly softens the edges and is more suitable for domestic environments.

For the accessories, you can safely use tones such as eucalyptus, teal or olive green, freely ranging between warm and cold.

The interior design of this palette is centered on a powerful desire to go beyond standard industrial/masculine aesthetics, to shape new languages, to create new stories, and to be at the center of one’s home, albeit with a few more colors.

Trend 5: Urban suBTLE

Photo courtesy of Minotti

This look will appeal to those who love soft grays. It is mostly a city apartment palette, perfect for creating calm and peaceful spaces, which is exactly what we all need for the year to come. Dark enough to add color and depth, but it’s also light enough to stay relaxing.

Gray colors such as cement and masculine fabrics such as leather and hide are added to the floor (usually parquet).

Glass and metals help create that sophisticated yet modern look that won’t go out of style. A key role is played by lighting and the use of furniture or design pieces.

What is your favorite?



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AC Spatial Design

Palettes trend 2022

we get to the new year, it’s time to talk about palettes trend in 2022. The large paint and wall paint companies are unleashing their

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